We are working with UBC students to create four community-based projects in and around Vancouver:

  1. Tutoring
  2. Advocacy
  3. Homelessness (via Bumpin Bakery)
  4. Still undecided! Join by January to co-create it with our team!

Not to mention, we are also in a unique partnerships with: Bumpin Bakery, a project started by one of our co-founders, and now in its 5th year of operation; I Know A Girl, a project started by a long-time team member, and past project director; and a few others still in the works! We assist the two at the moment to scale their impact, offer them our professional development services, and send our volunteers their way; all of this usually results in mergers between our projects and their initiatives.

We train our members and volunteers to learn how to make a lasting difference in any community. We host bi-weekly professional development sessions available to all of our volunteers on top of our busy schedules, bringing our educational and community development efforts full-circle.



After establishing our first projects in Vancouver schools and Lima, Peru, we realized the need to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for UBC students that truly challenge the status quo. Furthermore, we understand the value of resource sharing and working internationally to develop our communities alongside other students.

UBC’s Next Century of operations “will protect the fundamental balance between people and places”, “focus on teaching students transferable skills”, and “mobilize positive change across the world… by connecting local and global efforts more effectively.” However, we will endeavor to be the one’s progressing the front-lines of it’s initiatives. The students working with Kite take their university experience into their own hands, and we all learn by doing.

We feel that all too often university students become educated solely with the intention of finding a job, which is often wasteful of their time and potential. So, Kite allows students to do more with their education and off-campus activities than just make money. We reveal opportunities for our team to engage in meaningful work before leaving campus for good. After all, what time other than during university can young, adaptable adults approach social problems with the means, motive and maturity to solve them?

Consistent social change is our calling, and our branch of Kite’s international network concerns itself with how novel approaches to age old issues in locales around the world can re-mediate them for good.

We envision a community of change-makers constantly being equipped with the skills and fortitude necessary to put their university education to good work. So, in turn, this vision creates our yearly objectives.