Stuart Clarke | Executive Director

Educational enthusiast, part-time researcher, Mad Scientist, and full-time Integrated Sciences student. Catch Stuart skateboarding around campus in sandals on any dry day. He’ll surely say hello in an enthusiastic way. Driven by his passions for the beauty of biophysics and neuroscience, as well as the support of a worthy cause, Stuart found a home for himself in the humanitarian vision of Kite. Do you like board games, philosophy, casual sports, skiing or surfing? Or need a book recommendation? Feel free to reach out.

Allie Halprin | Internal Director

Lover of bluegrass, broccoli, and all things floral, Allie is a third-year political science student with a strong focus on humanitarian aid and development. Looking to continue her nonprofit work within the community, Allie is thrilled to join the Kite team. She looks forward to a year full of creativity and growth for Kite!

Archie Stapleton | External Director

Archie is a third year philosophy major, who was raised in Australia. He was engaged in the Debate Society at UBC for his first two years, but now has moved on to join Kite as an external director. He is passionate about fixed gear bike riding, reading fiction, and long open roads. He is excited to help Kite grow this year and make impactful change in Vancouver and the wider community.

Rory Hoffman | Publicity Officer

Rory is in his fourth and final year of a Political Science major with a Creative Writing minor at UBC.  He joined Kite out of a burning need to help out other Vancouverites, and hopes his experience working with social media and websites will do the trick. Rory wants to bring Kite’s message to as many people as possible, and spread the good work that his peers are doing all across campus. He’s a great resource of Batman knowledge and small hand-whittled figurines.

Laura Sullivan | Tutoring Director

Laura is a third year Integrated Engineering student at UBC and hopes to attend law school following her graduation. Her years of experience tutoring high school and elementary school students inspired her to join Kite to direct the tutoring project. She hopes to be able to use her education and experience to make a positive impact on Vancouver’s community with Kite!

Hayley Stauffer | Advocacy Director

Currently in the process of completing a combined major in Philosophy and Political Science from UBC, Hayley is ecstatic to be with Kite. She has a keen interest in working with socially minded organizations and brings a diverse range of experience in advocacy, policy and non-profit work to her role. Her personal interests include hiking, playing the ukulele, art and corgis.

Lilla Bond | Education Director

Lilla is a third year Geography student at UBC who has a passion for First Nations rights and the history of land use in Canada. She has pioneered a project that aims to connect female UBC students with successful women around Vancouver. For Lilla, every day is a chance to learn more and turn her words into action. She hopes to work with Kite throughout her UBC degree, although she will be gone for the Spring term of 2019 on a Go Global exchange.

Joshua Morgan | Founder

Josh is a recent UBC graduate and the founder of Kite Vancouver. He strongly believes that youth play a pivotal role in shaping the world in which we wish to live, and created Kite to provide ambitious students with a platform to create sustainable change.