Kite runs a variety of community-based development projects that, despite their differences in topics, all maintain the same requirements: responding to a specific issue with a creative solution, working alongside community stakeholders, and creating a lasting positive impact.

We are currently working on three projects:

Bumpin’ Bakery (DTES): enhancing the already existing program by recruiting new volunteers, raising funds and assisting with goal-setting & professional development, Kite seeks to help Bumpin’ achieve its goal of eliminating hunger from the downtown east side.

Tutoring: this project takes university students (such as yourself!!) to low SES high school’s in Vancouver to assist in Math, Science, and English tutoring. We work with Homework Clubs and provide our services free of cost to eliminate barriers many parents and schools face with getting extra support for students who, otherwise, couldn’t afford it.

Advocacy: this team seeks to advocate for important issues affecting Vancouver while involving university students across our city. Check out their instagram to see what’s going on in the day-to-day. The project’s three areas of focus include: (1) Human Trafficking – an investigative and fundraising initiative, (2) Poverty in Vancouver – in partnership with Bumpin’ Bakery & (3) Youth Education – collaborating with Tutoring.