The Bumpin Bakery Foundation is a non-profit organization started in Vancouver BC, and founded in 2013. Every Sunday morning at 10am we deliver baked goods, and other food items to the residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside on the corner of Main and Hastings. We are proud to have had over 230 consecutive deliveries and counting, with over 40,000 baked goods delivered, doing our part to end hunger, but more importantly, lend an ear and a warm heart to the ones that need it the most.


Bumpin Bakery is dedicated to fostering a mindset of empathy, inclusion, and
awareness for youth in Vancouver, by providing meaningful community
service experiences on the downtown eastside.


A City where people see value in everyone regardless of income, social status,
and appearances, and that youth have the drive, and tools to build this
forward thinking community.


Youth Centric → We are committed to empowering youth to become leaders
in the city’s social change movement and community at large, by
administering roles, and clear responsibilities within the organization for
youth, and supporting experiences that promote the joy of giving.
Building Relationships → We strive to deliver a consistent and genuine
service by working to ensure that each interaction has the potential to
become an honest connection.

Education → Our work is informed by an understanding that in order to build
a foundation for a brighter future, our youth volunteers need to not only gain
purposeful service experiences but also recognize the core issues facing their