Kite Advocacy seeks to diversify and nuance people’s understanding of educational inequality and poverty alleviation. The advocacy project recognizes that there are deep stigmatization and a lack of awareness about the lived experiences of people in poverty. It seeks to change public perception and encourage community engagement in these issues, especially amongst youth. The projects key goal is to shift a one-sided, simplified perception of these prevalent social issues through the basic tools of 21st century advocacy.


Advocacy will seek to achieve its goals by running on-campus advocacy events and comprehensive social media campaigns to engage the UBC student and broader Vancouver community.

Kite Advocacy will have two key focuses in 2019: poverty alleviation and quality education for all. These focuses align with goal #1 and #4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a well-developed and nature-entrenched city, Vancouver is consistently ranked in the top 10 most livable places in the world. However, this fact does not mean that everyone in Vancouver is able to live equally well. Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) is among one of the poorest areas in Canada, meaning that even the most developed cities are not immune to injustices stemming from social inequality. Kite Advocacy believes that young people have a responsibility to be aware of the hardships in their communities and take active steps to make positive change. Our campaigns seek to bring these issues directly to the people of Vancouver to fundamentally change the way they perceive these two goals.





We quantify engagement to include any positive change making on these questions, be it volunteering, creating projects, donating time or money, or spreading awareness. As a new project, we are currently in the process of creating and implementing tools to measure engagement and activity motivated by our project.