The inequalities within Vancouver’s education system are prevalent and concerning. It is an unfortunate truth that there are deep and foundational disparities in both the provincial and federal educational systems. While considered one of Canada’s stronger provincial economies, one in five children in BC lives in poverty. Low-income students are more than twice as likely to end up in applied-level classes, leaving them at risk of being ineligible for many post-secondary opportunities.

Vancouver is home to five secondary schools which received a 10/10 in academic ranking according to The Fraser Institutes’ ranking of BC secondary institutions. At the same time, five of Vancouver's secondary schools are ranked at or below a 5/10. Kite Vancouver is driven to address this gap in public education across the city. We aim to question and change particular inequities of the public system, and develop meaningful volunteer opportunities and avenues for youth to address this problem.


Kite Vancouver’s Rise Tutoring strives to help close this gap by utilizing the academic abilities of university volunteers to help high school students realize their potential. Our goal is to leverage the knowledge and resources of university volunteers to improve the academic capacity and standing of high school students.

Rise Tutoring was started in September 2018 with the primary goal of providing one-on-one tutoring and mentorship to high school students in low socioeconomic areas of Vancouver- where students have the greatest barriers in accessing these services. Each week, more than 30 active UBC student volunteers provide 8 hours of tutoring at Britannia and Windermere Secondary Schools to support their homework clubs.  


Our volunteers receive internal training after which they are placed within a particular school’s homework club to support the students in Grades 8-12 across all subjects. Along with academic help, Rise Tutoring provides mentorship through workshops. This semester we introduced our first scholarship application workshop to increase students possibility of attending post-secondary education. We plan to run various other workshops centred around transitions to post-secondary, resume building and university applications this term. Rise Tutoring aims to train, bring together, and empower tutors to act as role models for students who can benefit from their guidance.


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Currently operating in two public high schools in Vancouver with plans to expand to a third in September of 2019.



From September 2018 to February 2019, 209 Students have attended homework club at Britannia. We have completed an estimated 570 hours of tutoring since October 2018 through 19 Kite tutors over 15 weeks.



Kite tutors now make up 80% of Britannia's tutors, making them a vitally important element of the program.