Summer Stories


Location: Nuhlunbuy, Australia

“That didn’t go according to plan: I have been living on a boat for the best part of this last month.

“My priorities are currently: ensuring that…

  • I’m awake at 4:30 for a 5:00 am start.

  • I eat enough to sustain 12 – 14 hour days of non-stop manual labour.

  • I keep mentally healthy enough not to snap under the immense physical and psychological pressure.

“The job itself is too menial to even bother explaining, so I won’t bore you with it. Safe to say I’ve added about ten kg to my body mass though, on three meals a day.

“I’m working just off the coast of a place called Nuhlunbuy (Gove is the colonial name for it) on the northern tip of Australia. Every night I see sharks and dolphins around the boat, and I’ve watched technicians pull out tens of thousands of beautiful pearls from the oysters we grow. I’m not sure how it tees up with my veganism- I’m banking on bivalve molluscs not having sentience (which is what the admittedly limited research suggests), but I’m forced to admit I’m corrupted by the necessity for income for the next year in Vancouver.

“I’ve been reading as much as I can, but you tend to need to meditate, eat, and sleep after days out here. In 19* more sleeps I’m free from the chains of the farm, and will find myself hitchiking across the continent from Darwin to Perth. I’ll be back in Canada on the 19th, but am planning to be back in service qua Kite and other commitments a little after that – keeping in mind I left Vancouver to come straight here, and thus have had extremely minimal time for reflection or relaxation in 4 months.”

What lessons Archie has learned this summer are incoming… as soon as he finds the time to jot down his reflections.

Stay tuned!

*[UPDATE: safe and sound, working on Kite events back in Vancouver!]

Allie halprin