Kite is a non-profit that operates at its normal capacity at all times of the year. Balancing both school and Kite is very feasible if time is managed effectively. Please be sure to review the time commitment of each role when selecting which position would suit your skills best. 



Director of Communications


    • Build relationships and liaise with partners and stakeholders in tandem with the executive and deputy director.

    • Oversee execution of certain external facing Kite events (recruitment, speaker sessions, stakeholder events).

    • Assist coordinator in managing Kite’s social media and website.

    • Help source funding from grants. businesses, and donors.

    • Write and edit organizational proposals

    • Give speeches and presentations at relevant university and off-campus events.

    • Assist in the writing, editing and design of Kite’s various reports.


    • Strong writing ability.

    • Sophisticated interpersonal skills and the ability to build meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

    • Self-motivated, proactive attitude.

    • Strong ability and willingness to work as part of a team, as well as independently.

    • Well organized, accurate and attentive to details; takes ownership of tasks and responsibility.

    • Knowledge of Squarespace interface an asset; willingness to learn required.

    • Strong work ethic and passion for the type of work Kite does.

Position Specific Expectations:

    • Workload will be roughly 15 hours per week.

    • Attendance at full-team meetings and professional development sessions.

    • Lead weekly portfolio meetings

Graphic Designer


    • Work closely with Communications Coordinator and others requiring design work to produce content for Kite’s Facebook, Instagram, website, advocacy project, and other promotional tasks as required.

    • Consistent communication with the photographer to ensure proper curation of graphics and photographs for our social media.  


    • Previous graphic design experience required.

    • Ability to collaborate simultaneously on multiple projects.

    • Experience with social media marketing an asset.

    • Familiarity with Lucidpress or other reporting software an asset.

    • Strong work ethic and passion for the type of work Kite does.

Position Specific Expectations:

    • Workload will be roughly 5-8 hours per week.

    • Attendance at full-team meetings, professional development sessions, and weekly portfolio meetings.


Kite Lima Liaison


  • Act as the liaison between Kite Lima and Kite Vancouver through:

    • The facilitation of information sharing,

    • Inter-initiative communication,

    • Mentorship of Kite Lima in conjunction with the Kite Vancouver executive and deputy director, and

    • Organization of exchanges between the two organizations.

  • Operationalize our Lima strategy as put together by the liaison, executive director and deputy director.

  • Act as Kite’s Global Lounge representative. Attend meetings and assist with activities as necessary.

  • Travel to Lima to provide assistance as needed.

    • ** At this point in time, the Lima team is in the process of restarting after various personnel issues. If this current undertaking it unsuccessful, it may be necessary for the liaison to travel to Lima with other relevant Kite Vancouver members to restart the team themselves.


  • Minimum B2 Spanish proficiency. Native Spanish speaker preferred.

  • Excellent written and oral communication.

  • Strong ability to work well in diverse teams.

  • Ability to communicate and assist Kite Lima in a predominantly remote capacity.

  • Excellent presentation and public speaking abilities.

  • Understanding of the startup phase of an organization is an asset.

  • Previous work with non-profits or NGOs with knowledge of financial, internal and external portfolios is an asset.

  • Strong work ethic and passion for the type of work Kite does.

Position Specific Expectations:

  • Workload will be 10 hours per week.

  • Attendance at general meetings, professional development sessions and other meetings as deemed necessary.

  • Facilitate inter-initiative meetings as necessary.