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Social isolation at UBC is a widespread and worrying problem. It is very easy to lose a feeling of connectedness on campus. The feeling that other people are dealing with similar issues provides the tools to deal with the challenges of university life and makes people feel more connected with one another.




Push is a video series which was started by a group of UBC students in 2017. Through story-telling, Push gives individuals the opportunity to share stories and experiences of hardship, triumph, and identity. By providing a platform for everything from heartwarming coming-out tales, to struggles with one’s cultural identity, this project is part of a mission to promote wellbeing and a sense of community on campus, while celebrating the diversity of people found at UBC.

This project’s goal is to improve the wellbeing of all UBC students and staff, both by providing an outlet and platform for people to share their stories, and by allowing people to identify and relate to the experiences of others. Given that issues around mental health, relationships, and sexuality are often stigmatized, Push is a way to expand these boundaries by holding a space for conversation and exploration.

It is the project organizers sincere wish that our content reminds viewers that they aren’t alone, that difficulties are experienced by everyone, and that funny stories, happy-endings, and examples of incredible strength and resilience exist alongside the bad and negative.



what we’re up to

So far, we’ve released three videos, with another three scheduled to be released by May of 2019. Push is a ongoing project.


the numbers

Collective reach of over 30,000 people. The input of content and positive feedback was significant and illustrates the vital importance of this project.


creating change

Push will have an ongoing installation in the UBC Life Building this semester, which will give a space for the stories to be seen and enjoyed by a large audience.