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Bumpin’ Bakery was founded in 2014 by a group of high-school students living and studying in Vancouver. In the period prior to the organization’s creation, the founders had begun feeling increasingly frustrated about being in Vancouver their whole lives without ever seeing or understanding the experiences of those living on the impoverished streets of the DTES. They had heard many stories, listened to media coverage and, like many individuals in Vancouver, formed negative opinions of the area and its residents. However, with time and a growing number of trips down to the corner of Main and Hastings, they were surprised to find that the stories and stigmas that were passed onto them were not giving a complete picture of the situation. While significant social issues exist, they found the majority of residents to be kind, genuine, and doing their best to navigate the often unjust path that brought them to this place. Bumpin was therefore created to help students understand, connect with and provide necessary services to the deserving and at times forgotten people of this community.